Bücker Jungmeister Returning in October

David Martin will be performing in his 1930s German Bücker Jungmeister at Ranger Fly-In & Airshow No.8.

The Bücker is a nimble and well-regarded piece of engineering. It’s been said many times over the Jungmeister has “astonishing agility”, is “a lithe, 925-pound ballerina”, and for the pilot “it’s like flying on pillows!” Designed by Carl Bücker in 1935, the single-seat Bücker is powered by a 160 h.p. Siemens-Halske radial. The 7-cylinder, 470 cubic inch engine features a front exhaust and exposed rocker arms. The rockers require manual greasing every five hours.

Martin, a 5-time Ranger Airfield performer, is a former National Unlimited Aerobatic Champion, an 8-time member of the United States Aerobatic Team, and a winner of multiple World gold medals. David has performed in everything from a WWI-era Curtiss Jenny to a WWII P-51. Prior to embarking on an airshow career he piloted F-4s and F-16s in the Texas Air National Guard.

Ranger Airfield is excited to welcome back David and his Bücker and the other airshow performers contributing to Fly-In & Airshow No.8.

Bücker fans might also note that Max Rowland has announced he plans to attend in his Bücker Jungmann. The two-seat Jungmann was designed in late 1933 and first flew in April 1934. Rowland’s Bücker is a Spanish-built version.

Watch David’s Oshkosh performance: YouTube

Jungmann and Jungmeister at Ranger Airfield

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  1. Saw David Martin fly this plane at Oshkosh a few years back! Fantastic. Cant wait!

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