Fly-In & Airshow No.11 Flyer

Download the pdf version of the flyer (click here) and send to your flying friends.


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About Jared

Jared Calvert is a volunteer caretaker of Ranger Airfield. He is a commercial rated pilot and owns several flying and project vintage aircraft.

3 Responses to “Fly-In & Airshow No.11 Flyer”

  1. Jared,
    Thanks for the invite….well put on fly in….T6 friendly, nice runway 🙂
    We will return and stay longer
    Skot and Debbie

  2. Jared, First year to your airshow, cannot beleave it has not been sooner sense i was raised in Tuscola and Bufflo gap area.See ya Sat. in my Cessna 120

  3. Jared, Great Job on putting the show together!!! We are anxious to see the event. Thank you for all that you do to put this together!!
    God Bless!!!

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