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Wings are Ready for Flight

The Barn Cub’s wings have been covered. Follow along the covering process by viewing the Gallery.

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Rigging the Cub

On Thursday, December 9, Steve Pierce, Cathy Pierce, Tal Erickson and myself rigged J3 #20304. The rigging marked the first time the wings and fuselage were brought together since being separated in 2009. A digital level was utilized during the process and everything came together nicely. A few full and one half turns of the […]

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Barn Cub Wings Gallery

The Barn Cub’s Wings gallery is up. With help from Steve Pierce, Si Roach, Charles Calvert, Cathy Pierce, Lee Cockrell, Kalyn Davidson, and Bill Martin, the Barn Cub’s wings were finished November 29. Covering will commence soon.

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Shawn Scott Preserves Cub’s Boot Cowl

Renowned RV aircraft builder and A&P Shawn Scott joined the Barn Cub project by repairing the original boot cowl. His great work can be seen in the accompanying photos. Corrosion in only a very small area threatened usage of the cowling. If a patch was to be installed it was of great importance to not be visible […]

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Cub Waits in Barn 59 Years

New Year’s 2009 – As the calendar rolled over I was determined to acquire a flying taildragger. Needing tailwheel experience to prepare me for the Pitts, I inquired about a 1940s Culver Cadet that was for sale in central Texas. First I was told the Culver was sold, but after the buyer backed out I was invited to fly down […]

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