Biplane Rides

Old Sport gives passsengers an opportunity to experience the Golden Age of Aviation in an open-cockpit 1927 Travel Air. Old Sport was originally a barnstormer in Illinois, from which young daredevils “Speedy” and “Kid” jumped without parachutes, duck hunts were conducted with double-barreled shotguns, and a young lady walked the wings. Old Sport now gives rides in the skies above Texas! Donning leather helmets and goggles, passengers get to live the past by flying low and slow behind the rumble of a 9-cylinder radial spinning a polished 99-inch Hamilton Standard propeller. Jared Calvert, Old Sport’s caretaker, has logged 1500 flight hours and has soloed various aircraft ranging from the simple Piper Cub, to the aerobatic Pitts biplane, to the WWII advanced trainer T6 Texan. Passengers from 3 years old to 80 have soared in Old Sport, you can too!

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