Rigging the Cub

On Thursday, December 9, Steve Pierce, Cathy Pierce, Tal Erickson and myself rigged J3 #20304. The rigging marked the first time the wings and fuselage were brought together since being separated in 2009. A digital level was utilized during the process and everything came together nicely. A few full and one half turns of the strut forks brought the dihedral and washout into limits. The barn find is starting to look like an airplane again. The wings remain on the fuselage while a few wing root fairings are duplicated and nut plates are installed to replace sheet metal screws with machine screws. 


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About Jared

Jared Calvert is a volunteer caretaker of Ranger Airfield. He is a commercial rated pilot and owns several flying and project vintage aircraft.

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  1. Good job Jared – looks good!

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