Barn Cub Flies

In the barn before disassembly

After 61 years and six months the Barn Cub took off just after 5:00 Thursday evening. She flew well. Take off roll was very short due to a 12 knot cold front that knocked the temperature down from mid 50’s to 40. Everything checked out okay and it is still somewhat surreal. She was a lot of work. Total time on the airframe since new is now 198 hours and six minutes.

As for the bare fairings, those will be painted in the new year. Aside from that and a few small touches she is almost finished! Acknowledgement is due to the following:

The Moseley Family, for trusting the Cub would be done right.

ACK Technologies Inc. San Jose, CA

Aircraft Specialties Services Tulsa, OK

Aircraft Spruce & Specialty Co Corona, CA

Champion Aerospace Liberty, SC

Consolidated Aircraft Coatings Riverside, CA

Crankcase Services Incorporated Sand Springs, OK

Cub Club Hartford, WI

Cub Restoration Services Lock Haven, PA

Ezell Aviation Breckenridge, TX

F&M Enterprises Granbury, TX

Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co. Akron, OH

Gregory Reddin Frisco, TX

Keystone Instruments Lock Haven, PA

Pierce Aero Graham, TX

Sal’s Aircraft Cylinders Prosper, TX

Sensenich Propeller Plant City, FL

Stephenville Aviation Stephenville, TX

United Plating Works Tulsa, OK

Univair Aircraft Corporation Aurora, CO

Wag-Aero Lyons, WI


Anonymous Gentleman – De Leon, TX

Paul Beach – Post, TX

David Bufkin – Weatherford, TX

Will Butler – Graham, TX

Ron Cain – Slidell, TX

Charles Calvert – Ranger, TX

Lee Cockrell – Fort Worth, TX

Dean Crofford – Brownwood, TX

Kalyn Davidson – Corpus Christi, TX

Chad Ezell – Breckenridge, TX

Bob Green – Ranger, TX

Willis Grisham – Dublin, TX

Jesse Haynes – Stephenville, TX

Jim Hays – Brownwood, TX

Josh Lober – San Luis Obispo, CA

Bill Martin – Graham, TX

David Martin – Possum Kingdom Lake, TX

Gordon Odom – Stephenville, TX

Don Oliphant – Fort Worth, TX

Allyson Oller – Stephenville, TX

Ron Paduh – San Antonio, TX

Lou Palmenteri – Rhome, TX

Charles Pearcy – Weatherford, TX

Ron Pearson – Putnam, TX

Pat Pockrus – Mineral Wells, TX

Michael Rath – Spearfish, SD

Greg Reddin – Frisco, TX

Si Roach – Graham, TX

Johnny Rogers – Ranger, TX

Jeff Rowland – Dallas, TX

Shawn Scott – Fort Worth, TX

Jeanne Soave – Stephenville, TX

Laurie Soave – Waltham, MA

Harold Stieber – Brownwood, TX

Leon Sutherland – Goldthwaite, TX

Joncy Walden – Mineral Wells, TX

Lynn White – Mineral Wells, TX

Wayne White – Breckenridge, TX

Thank you for the products, services, guidance, do’s & don’ts, inspiration and everything else in between. What a journey!

Jared Calvert

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About Jared

Jared Calvert is a volunteer caretaker of Ranger Airfield. He is a commercial rated pilot and owns several flying and project vintage aircraft.

14 Responses to “Barn Cub Flies”

  1. Richard Law - retired airines/FAA August 31, 2012 at 9:08 am

    Jared, listened to your story on Avweb today. Sorry about the damage your beautiful Cub suffered but happy you are OK.
    My dream too but always wanted to do it in an Aeronca Champ which I soloed in 1964.
    Only difference, I’m 71, you’re 25.
    Found the 7AC I was part owner of and still harbor dreams of buying, restoring and flying this once beautiful bird now out of license. May always be a dream but…

  2. Bruce 78–Enjoyed our short visit in Wellington, Ks.(yellow luscombe) Good Luck and safe journey!

  3. met you today and listening to your story was very interesting good luck

  4. Jared
    It makes me want to cry a little at the loss of “THE BARN CUB”. I had many enjoyable hrs in a J3. I’m glad you were hurt very little, believe me when I say I know what hurts worse. Your pride. That was a beautiful ship. Don’t give up, find another and begin again, you are young. I wish I had known you were here, I would have come out. Your accident was only 10 miles from me. Take care and Be Well. NEVER GIVE UP.

  5. Jared,

    Our family really enjoyed your visit. I think you made my father’s week! Looks like so much fun to fly! Have a safe and enjoyable journey!

  6. Jared,
    It was a thing of beauty watching you land and take off on the short runway at Kingsbury today. Beautiful airplane. Good luck with the tour!

  7. Yeah!!! She looks great! Congrats!!!!

  8. Jared,
    Congratulations! I am sure you must be grinning ear-to-ear when flying over the Texas countryside in your Cub… Good job!

  9. charles sullivan March 24, 2012 at 8:49 am

    I am the 1st grandson to Charles Monroe Moseley. Mighty proud of you Mr. Jared Calvert. Thank You

  10. Congratulations on the restoration. It is amazing to see the plane flying. I climbed around the plane as a kid in that old barn – always hoped it would fly again someday.

  11. Very gratifying to see/hear of your success. Admirable commitment. Congratulations!

  12. Congratulations Jared. This is a great accomplishment!

  13. Awesome Jared! You did a great job! I’m so excited for you!

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